Infotaining Nepal since 2001

I hate when kids use my laptop and mobile

Can’t decline the request for family members

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  1. procipher says

    This is the worst trend I have seen. Mobile dekhayera bhat khuwaune chalan is deteriorating not only child’s eye but also mental health.

  2. Plastic-Badger1837 says

    I hate kids

  3. 3080Bot says

    lol 😆 idc who wants to touch my phone but that’s not happening

  4. sulu1385 says

    I agree, and i don’t think these parents are realizing what a big problem they are creating by making their young children addicted to smartphones and laptops from so early on.. I am of the generation that didn’t use such things during my childhood but still i use smartphone a lot.. these children are basically getting addicted so soon and it may cause them problems in the future..

  5. kamiketa says

    Kids be like Not my ours. (Cue the USSR anthem)

  6. [deleted] says


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