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How was your experience on your first intern? What was the duration?

My older brother told me he had to bring tea and snacks on his first intern everyday. It was more like a labour to him. He continued working expecting to atleast get some experience but all he got was a 1 inch bicep increase.

Is this common during internship?

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  1. nurojggwp says

    whaat? maile ta ahile samma suneko chaina. k ma gareko thiyo timro dai le intern? hamle garda ta testo kehi paryena, normal employee jasto sochtyo. ani senior dai/didi haru le ni dherai kura ma help garthyo

  2. khoya171 says

    Aafno ma ta moj theyo. Gayo guff garyo kaam sikyo aayo. All ppl were chill. Did intern in small start up.

  3. Educational_League58 says

    Entered as an fresher civil engineer, got promoted as senior engineer after 3 months. Quit after 10 months because I got frustrated of corruption in road construction thekka business.One could only imagine how much of settings and deals are going between government and thekedars.

  4. Master_Cat2725 says

    What? Testo kah hunxa yaar? K position ko lagi intern garya ho. Intern garda learning environment create garena senior le vane xodde hunxa. Aba internship ko naramro part chai kasto hunxa vanda kaile kai job descriptioa chai help your immediate supervisor to do this and that vanne point haru hunxa. Ani kun bela tyo help actual work ma change hunxa ani basically hamle supervisor kai kaam gardira hunxau. Ani ali same kaam garda pani interns get seriously underpaid.

  5. Thyself_Alpha_Omega says

    It is not.

  6. dailyUselessFacts says

    was he interning for hospitality? tyo bhane kaam ali cum bhayo

  7. SuchDragonfruit9 says

    I’ve been working out hard and training my biceps extra hard for 2 months and by biceps do not grow by a centimeter. What kind of juice is your bro on!

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