How has PMO addiction affected you? ➤

How has PMO addiction affected you?

Was looking for articles why children shouldn’t be exposed to adult content at a young age.turns out this exposure distorts ur idea of social relationships,intimacy,the opposite genderand seggs(no consequences),makes u a pervert, u can’t control your impulses,makes u socially isolated,low self esteem,inferiority complex and many more.the opposite of all these is need to grow up healthy in mind and body.

for me it started with boredom,a internet connection and having no friends my age to play with.i was in a new place and making friends were difficult.when i didn’t get the marks i wanted,i fapped, when i was bored i fapped,when i had nothing to do i fapped,when i was sad, stressed,not feeling good about how i am,i fapped.thinking backs i was totally dependent on pmo to numb my emotions.

i never learned u had to study hard,work hard to achieve things you want,cause when i felt bad,lonely i fapped and escaped.loss of a close person, triggered this dependency on pmo to maximum.

Turns out how i have turned up to become, above effects of adult content exposure are most of the reasons.and who put this idea of seggs in a young mind of 6 years old? they were some horny irresponsible teenagers themselves.

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