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How do you guys shortlist stocks from all the available stocks ??

Have you some strategy regarding the whit listing of stocks ?

r/NepalStock by agni20-20

  1. rossu007 says

    Minus eps
    Pe ratio more than 100
    Minus reserve
    And the most important right share rumour

  2. [deleted] says

    1. Look into a sector that you are familiar with or interested in.
    2. Find good companies based on past dividends/bonus shares.
    3. Compare fundamentals with others companies
    4. RSI and MACD might help a bit

    For example I only look at mutual funds and insurance at the moment. And, I am thinking of learning about hydros a bit more later.

  3. Snoo_87561 says

    select sector, calculate average basic fundamentals, compare and invest lots of time doing research- my amateur advice (:

  4. y4maa says

    above average EPS and ROE of the sector

    `trust your GUT :D`

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