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How can a I enunciate better and improve my English?

So I have started to speak English recently and I record my voice sometimes. I have noticed that I make a hissing sound a bit longer when I speak words containing S (like sometimesss). I try not to but the sound is still there. Do you guys also have similar problem? How can I get rid of that? How can I enunciate better?

Judging by the contents that get posted here, I believe Nepali reddit users have comparatively better English. How did you reach that level?

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  1. esewakhalti2point0 says

    >I have noticed that I make a hissing sound a bit longer when I speak words containing S (like sometimesss)

    Maybe you are an ikchyadhari Nag. You just don’t know it yet. Make sure you avoid going close to anybody who is playing that ‘been’ otherwise you’ll turn into a snake.

  2. sochmamagna says

    That is exactly the definition of accent .

    If you can then improve it if you can’t then it’s how you speak.

  3. buddhamsharmam says

    “Practice makes a man perfect”.
    (Sorry if you are a female or a member of LGBTQ comm.)

  4. Prav_Brav says

    Make english friends? While i was in aus i was living only with the whites so i had to speak english all the time except on phone with my fam. In a year my accent had gone from hardcore indian to slightly less indian 🤣. Maybe watch english series they seem to hate completing their words. Like theyll just say ye to yes

  5. sagarapher says

    Aaba k diu bro….? Talking English like English Peoples or American it’s little hard.. Whether you have to spend your teen age in UK or USA then you can archive their ancient speaking otherwise it’s affect by our own mother tongue (not only Nepalese almost all those who’s mother tongue is not English hai).

    Better keep practice, watch Hollywood movies ( specially watch YouTube – the way they talk each other as well as their conversation and the why they deliver the words)

  6. ihababig says

    Get help from Joe

  7. Apart_Emotion_3899 says

    For me I cannot differentiate wether the person is pronouncing singular or plural words like I cannot differentiate “Sheep” vs “Sheeps”.

    Any tricks?

  8. Suksma_Sarira says

    That accent isnot going anywhere if you wont speak regularly with the nativemens.

  9. Altruistic_Project63 says

    Watch Hollywood movies and Netflix series with subtitles and try to imitate their characters . Also practice for TOEFL(for American English) or IELTS (for British language) with tons of materials available free over the Internet. That will help a lot.

  10. Hari0mHari says

    Slow down.

  11. nurojggwp says

    Practice. maile chai book padne ani afno voice record garyera pratice garne garthye. first firstt ma chai afnai voice sunda lastai cringe lagcha, but ali ali improve chai vako ho jasto lagyo

  12. Wolf_0f_MyStreet says

    I rap to Get better used to Be cringe Boi now i sound good

  13. Odd-Way-1168 says

    Watch hollywood movies and american youtubers

  14. dinoderpwithapurpose says

    Position of your tongue in your mouth might make a difference. Notice the placement of your tongue when you say a word naturally. Then notice the position of the tongue when you speak it “correctly”. Try to make it a habit. Apparently tongue position and breath control makes a lot of difference. Kinda noticed that when I was helping some of my american colleagues pronounce the ध थ sounds.

    Honestly, the foreign English teachers I’ve talked to all say that accent is not important as long as you’re clear when you speak. But if you do want to learn a new accent, you might want to notice your tongue positions.

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