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Growing Number of Taxi Sharing / Taxi Booking Apps. Will it be an answer to the taxi syndicate?


Growing Number of Taxi Sharing / Taxi Booking Apps. Will it be an answer to the taxi syndicate?

The popularity of taxi ride-sharing services has progressively increased in Kathmandu. Taxis, which will likely compliment motorcycles as a mode of transportation for daily commuters who do not have access to a vehicle in the near future. Ride-sharing taxis would also the industry and the general public by reducing the of prohibited behaviours that have persisted over the course of time. on for more information.

The largest metropolis in Nepal, Kathmandu, has 12,000 taxis that provide daily transportation for inhabitants. The syndicate, on the other hand, has stymied the ’s never-ending efforts to regulate the transportation service and make it sustainable for ordinary people. The metered fares are rarely utilised and are remembered as a by-name. are some of the reasons why taxis have remained out of reach for most people as a mode of transportation on a daily basis. However, the digital introduction of the famed four-wheeler may herald the beginning of a new era for the vehicle.

However, the gradual expansion of taxi ride-sharing may prove to be a viable alternative to the syndicate and other unethical business practises that have plagued the taxi industry for years.

are already 6,000 above-ground taxis that operate through ride-sharing firms. This alleviates a deal of the traditionally onerous and unacknowledged issues associated with four-wheeler transportation.

Why use a Taxi Booking Service?

The fare has already established. There is no need for negotiation. Furthermore, security is improved due to the fact that the identities of the riders and the routes are checked for references. Even cab drivers are able to find relaxation. They are not required to stand in line while waiting for the riders. They get service requests by text message on their mobile phones.

Some ride-sharing businesses, such as Uber and Lyft, have made significant improvements to traditional public transportation and taxi riding, which was much needed. Now, let’s talk about their development in the capital.


Founded in 2019, the venture began operations two years ago with a digital network of ten cabs. It now has 300 cabs operating inside its coverage area. For the time being, the service is only available in Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu. However, according to the company’s creator, Arjun KC, there are plans to expand the service to Jhapa in the near future.

He also stated that the corporation itself does not have its own fleet of taxis to transport customers. Riders register themselves with the system, which operates in the best interests of all parties involved. For a single comprehensive service, the company charges a 10 percent discount, but it is free for promotional purposes.

“Taximandu charges its customers according to the fees set by the government, which eliminates the need for negotiation between the drivers and the passengers. This type of service also contributes to the improvement of the relationship between the two parties,” he continued. Taximandu has attracted 40 app users, with an estimated 300 to 400 commut

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