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Good gym in Nepal are so freaking expensive

I live in Baneshwor area and I was trying to join a gym. Good and clean gym charge a lot (about 60 dollars per months).
Anyone has recommendations for a good gym in Baneshwor area that is of great value?

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  1. hopeisgoodthing says

    I pay 1500 per month. 3 Months 5000 with admission

  2. syadu456 says

    I guess 7k per month is considerably ok for a good and clean gym in Nepal. Nepal mahango nai cha ni. Ek choti bahira sathi haru sanga khana gayo bhane 5k ta kharcha bhai halcha. I remember when my cousin asked for a jacket when i came back and I got him a 100 USD one and he had the audacity to reply “Nepal ma kata paucha easto saman jabo 10,000 ma”.

  3. chatureko_daupech says

    Gyms in Nepal charge in USD?

  4. BallSnatcher09 says

    High reps Calisthenics go brrr

  5. theraredamage says

    I will not say its a good gym but having squat rack, bech press,pull up bar you can exercise any part of the body. I used to be a yearly full member of wellness organic for couple of years. It comes with gym, sauna, steam and jacuzzi! Its totally worth it. First year i pay Rs 75000 per year then they raised it to Rs 100000. I dont know current price! No low ballers at this facility! Plus they do have resturant at the facility.

  6. dailyUselessFacts says

    if you are dedicated enough, any gym will do.

  7. pastalin says

    TPW minbhawan is fine.

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