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Fellow good people of r/Nepal, Are you experiencing inflation while consuming day to day goods or services right now?

I would love to hear your experience.

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  1. Infinite_Diet3454 says

    ek plate chichekn momo 100 bata 200 huna lai sakyo

  2. tiktaktoe999 says

    Yes. Mainly, in price of eggs & meat.

    Clothes as well.

  3. oceansofearth says

    Kahile ek choti sunflower tel ra mustard oil ko price pasal ma sodhda hunxa.

  4. sochmamagna says

    Hijo chini kinda ta ek kilo ko 100 re .

  5. InsideLake1592 says

    Surya 20 re ek khilli ko. Terima tokne. This is outrageous!!

  6. jwalamukhi- says

    Khai chocofun ajhai 5 rupaiya ma auchha

  7. Ashwathama496 says

    It’s depends how much money you have on your pocket.🤑💸💰

  8. sarolato says

    Lastai. Almunium products, petrol, imported foods haru. Locally produced products ma ni quantity kaam garya chan praye le

  9. sarolato says

    Chocopie 20 bata 25 vaisako yrr

  10. mr___canada says

    I felt my salary was inflating

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