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Fed up with quarantine hair: Waiting for lockdown to end



Fed up with quarantine hair: Waiting for lockdown to end


More than a month into the lockdown, his hair was getting long. Basanta Budhathoki was bothered how his long hair touched his ears. As all barber shops were closed due to the lockdown, the 23-year-old couldn’t get a haircut. Luckily for him, a barber was visiting a neighbour. Taking this as an opportunity, he shaved his head.

“You don’t know how long the lockdown will go on for,” Budhathoki says. So, “I shaved my head so that I wouldn’t need haircut repeatedly.”

In almost 60 days of lockdown, we have not been inside a barber shop or salon which we frequented. Though appearance is the last thing on our mind right now, we can’t ignore it completely.

Shrinjan Pradhan from Satungal is annoyed by his growing hair. He used to visit a barber twice or thrice a month to maintain his side-slope hairstyle. But now his hair is growing from both sides and “it is getting itchy as well as hot”.

And the 18-year-old is looking forward to the end of lockdown so that he can get his hair done.

Also looking forward to beauty parlours and salons reopening is Sona KC — to get a haircut and fix her eyebrows. “I

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