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Fear of failure

i am class 12 passout this year and i have give an entrance exam of engineering (TU) and i get a decent rank about on 1500 . My family expectation was on top 500 so that i could study pulchowk on civil faculty and i couldn’t make it their expectation . I was topper nerd kid since my child days and i was studying on full scholarship on private boarding till class 12 . When my entrance result came out all my family expectation does not meet then suddenly i feel lonely and depressed and can’t make talk with my family too. All of my relative asked my result and when i said i couldn’t make it to pulchowk then they said yesle tw” kai garna sakenaxau and falono ko xora le ni nikalexa k gareko babu “in front me which even makes me on depressed state . I don’t have so much friend so that i could share this topic. the things gots worse when even my father doesn’t speak frankly with me when i discussed what should i do. this things making me more depressed and have a feeling of failure . This tihar festive season gone as traumatic and emotionally weaken for me .

What should i do to get this move on for this ?

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