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Explainer: What are the destinies that await Afghanistan?


Explainer: What are the destinies that await Afghanistan?

Context to present crisis

Geography has always been Afghanistan’s strategic curse. During 19th century, the ‘great game’ was played in Afghanistan the Czarist Russia and the British Imperial .

With the beginning of the 20th century, Afghanistan was realized to become the proxy nation to fight the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union.

closest to the softest part of the Soviet’s southern belly, the Soviets wanted to control the political power in Afghanistan, making the Americans interfere. made Afghanistan the victim of the superpower rivalry.

The 1979 invasion by the Soviets to 10 years of instability in Afghanistan causing the alliance between the Americans and the Mujahedeen, which in 1989 was finally concluded with the Soviets lost. With the Soviets leaving in 1989 America lost its interest too and left.

The desire a -friendly regime in Afghanistan has always pursued Pakistan to find allies among the Islamists in Afghanistan.

For Pakistan, a Soviet-friendly regime would mean an -friendly regime, which it could not afford and hence it continuously tried to join forces with the Islamists in Afghanistan to destabilize the .

With Najibullah’s Soviet and India-friendly government Pakist

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