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Everything is Dead.

My dad, a Sociologist (and a writer/lecturer) who in his 30s , rejected Canada PR ( 2006-7)at the last moment (changed his mind) despite being invited through the skilled entry scheme.

In the very same lot, many Nepalese researchers and professors, started their Canada dream with their families and a PR on arrival.

He has been very successful, well respected in his field, written many books and published research papers, presented them, and made some really good real estate and share investments making us thicc financially. “Everything seems fine, what is the issue?” you may ask.

Well as a man of social science who contributed 30 years in his field and chose to serve his country, and excel in life’s responsibilities being a good family man, he as never joined any Political party as a teacher and a social researcher (he also taught in TU part time as an field expert ). He said Political affiliation ruin teachers.

The main problem: He is in line to be a “Assistant Professor” from a “Lecturer”. It don’t pay any different but is rather a honorary term.

The Nepali Congress Youth Group or sth has vandalised offices and locked the Dean office ans well as interview spaces because they want to put their affiliated junior guy in the Professor position, instead of real people in line. That guy is severely under qualified and has no real life experience of Researching ( only a neta-teacher who is a Karyakarta).

1. They pay peanuts to researchers (aru afno financial progress afai gareko ho book royalties and timely investments). Sense of duty le baseka xan dherai. We are heading for a teacher shortage soon, just like with health professionals.

2. Frequent political threats and overtaking of duties at TU. This is the same department where they beat an lecturer last year (with rods). He almost died. He was an colleague. Those Congress boys are free and their case was taken back by Cher Bahadur.

3. >70% of all teachers here ( the biggest Uni TU) are politically placed Karyakartas who lack proper qualifications (only a degree tho). Life Threats and vandalism are common to non -political and non-affiliated professors.

Many of them non-affiliated one’s ( the one’s rejected from promotion)have studied in Germany, Japan and the USA and chose to return, just like my Dad, just to be suppressed and mistreated.

4. Why should any professionals stay here?

Look at that murderer being released a week back.

This is just an example. Our Sacred country is ruined, beyond repair. On life support.

Ma arko barsa desh xoddaixu. Peace.

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