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Even during lockdown, food adulteration is on the rise.

According to officials, food adulteration is rampant in Nepal, with a long list of food items tainted with hazardous components ranging from milk, dairy products, spices, and water to tea, edible oil, and lentils.

Even during the lockdown, unscrupulous dealers appeared to be busy debasing food supplies and selling them to naive Nepalis. When the country was plagued by the coronavirus epidemic last year, the government ordered everyone to stay indoors for months to prevent the virus from spreading. As the infection caseload increased, another lockdown was instituted on April 29 that lasted until September 1.

However, dishonest producers continued to try to earn a fast buck by including illegal drugs in food products that are consumed by the public, posing a direct threat to public health.

In the first three months of the fiscal year, the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control said it had filed complaints against 27 enterprises with various district administration offices and courts (July 15 to October 15). The firms are accused of putting unlawful additives in food and selling products that are unsafe for human consumption.

Consumer advocates claim that even during the lockout, the manufacturing and distribution of cont

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