Infotaining Nepal since 2001

During bank bonus season, which options gives more return in long run.

If i am missing something please add on comments

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r/NepalStock by Dryhumor00

  1. khana-pakyo says

    Book close day ko first 5 min ma sell garyo vhane faida hunxa.. 5-10 min ghateko price vhayera badxa naya investor le uthauxan.. but again mass dumping vhayera ghatxa feri

  2. nishanto_0 says

    Idk what long run is for you but if you are thinking of years then take 100 kitta of nabil 5 years back as your investment see the price of nabil 5 years ago and then do your match with the dividends I bet you will have somewhere around 10 to 15 lakhs rn from 100 kitta of nabil or even more idk just calculate and you will know it

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