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Do you guys remember that youth demonstration during covid times? Why did it failed?

The ENOUGH IS ENOUGH MOMENT. I was all hyped up about it. Youth revolting for a cause. We all were frustrated and still are frustrated with our government. I was hoping this would give me hope that Nepali youth are not passive as I thought they were.

I know this was during covid times and It was not morally right to demonstrate in large numbers during that peak covid time. But my problem with this demonstration was few influenza people trying to control what to speak and what not to speak in the demonstration.

This guy in the “organizing team” who is a roadies winner I guess. Told me on a fb comment that this demonstration should be only about covid and government negligence to this issue. I said what about corruption, bad system of governance, unemployment, criminals and rapist running free. The guy was this demonstration is only about covid and we would everyone to keep it that way. He said there would be time for other issues. Fuck you bro, should’ve hit the iron when its hot.

I personally think that this demonstration could have been big. Could have threatened government to work for the people but these few influenza taking control completely lost my hope. We could have all demonstrated for our causes and let our voice heard. Last ma ‘iih’ representation vaira whole aandolan ko.

Any contrasting opinion would be welcomed. r/antiwork are talking about organizing strike in international labor’s day. That got me all hyped up.

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  1. ilovetheantichrist says

    Correct me if I am wrong, but at the start I believe the protests were asking the government to show records where they had spent 10 crores on Corona expenses I believe, Their protest motive here was kind of flawed the government does compulsoraly release their expenses.

    My personal theory is that after the release of actual expenses details they became aimless and had no direction of what to ask from the government or do.
    Like you said they should have made it a all out protest against every thing in the country.

  2. ilovetheantichrist says

    >Any contrasting opinion would be welcomed. r/antiwork are talking about organizing strike in international labor’s day. That got me all hyped up.

    This reminds me that a labor strike is one of the most effective ways of protest If executed properly, imagine if the doctors for eg refused to work or if the drivers refused to work, the people could shut down the country in a instant.

  3. Apart_Emotion_3899 says

    Are we talking about enough is enought movement?

  4. tessell8r says

    the organizers got bored

  5. According-Hearing315 says

    Aru ta tha vayena tara tyo izz vane dalal le daro paisa maro teti belma. Dickhead routiney was promoting that dalal izz by calling real life Forrest Gump 🤣🤣😭

  6. Left_Background_3874 says

    Tala ko kera was enough is enough..

    Done by mankune n khatiwada chori juwai to make u all fool during gu khale oli time.

  7. jaisambho says

    May just be a rumour but I’ve heard my journalist friends talk about this guy called [“Iih”]( and they mentioned how this guy has gained recognition among the old school politicians. He was the main organizer of that protest and he has been doing other low key protest often.

    Nobody and I repeat nobody in this country enters politics by earning a degree or passing an entrance exam. You enter by doing these radical activities. Do you know why Kp oli was in jail for 14 years? He was allegedly charged for murder of a farmer in Jhapa.

    Key payau janta/protester/karyakarta? KERA

  8. meroprashna6 says

    nautanki bhaera

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