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Hello guys, I hope everyone is GREEN.
I have seen many developers here in this subreddit posting something they have made that would be helpfull to them.
So I am thinking, why not such like minded people come forward to make something cool that could be helpfull to other investor/traders in Nepal for NEPSE merket.
If we can make a team of 4-6 people :

1. We will make proper plans for the app/website/platform & it would be more organized.
2. Build the platform
3. And if we get positive feedback we can monetize it.

So, Interested one please DM me first. Once we are atleast 3 members i will make a group for all of us and we can talk if its feasible. More talk on discussion.

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  1. ramronepal says

    Is there any webpage where i can get live chart ( line chart) of a particular script for every trade ?

  2. zniskey says

    Im in

  3. atyuttam says

    Count me in as well.

  4. Unlucky-Garbage-4142 says

    Count me…

  5. No-Raspberry says


  6. ballermclovin54 says


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