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Daily Discussion Thread (Monday – Nov 08, 2021)

Use this post to discuss what to buy/sell/trade/avoid/watch today and in the coming days.

As always, the rules still apply.

**Have a TMS or Meroshare issue? Query about EDIS or collateral? Ask here instead of creating another thread. All queries regarding TMS, MeroShare, Broker issues, EDIS, Settlement and Payments should be asked here.** >!DO NOT create another post.!<

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* what to buy or sell,
* or what bank to buy,
* or what insurance to buy,
* yo share kati samma mathi jancha hola
* IPO ma pareko yo share kun din bechda ramro hola, ajhai 1-2 din parkhine ki nai etc.

will be deleted. Repeat violators will be banned.

Happy Investing!

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  1. throwaway_829292923 says

    I sense something wrong is going on with ICFC and MLBL. Price is too volatile at the last minute, yei hora topi laune vanya? Any thoughts?

  2. 00_zero_ says

    maile last tuesday stock becheko thye aaile samma paisa haldaina broker le

    festival le garda nai ho ta

    its almost a week now

    kasai ko similar case cha?

    broker 42 le phone pani uthaudaina

    shittiest broker

  3. SakataGintoki- says

    Invest garne nai ho bhane shouldn’t we be investing in companies with low paid up cap ? NLIC LICN jasto large cap ma ho ra?

  4. itsrungo_o07 says

    Guys suggest me some good stocks for long term. thinking about adding nlic

  5. altgotleaked says

    Cash dividend around kati weeks ma account ma aauchha?

  6. Dharwrite says

    NCCB ko announce bhai sakyo ki baki cha huna?

  7. Snoo_87561 says

    what does this mean, ‘BO Level – Frozen for Debit’ !?

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