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Chinese Occupation of Nepalese Minds!

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Chinese Occupation of Nepalese Minds!

A huge hue and cry of Nepalese themselves against the U.S. $500 million grant assistance to Nepal is beyond explanation.

This grant is being branded as an attempt by the United States to encroach into the sovereignty of Nepal.  The clauses and sub-clauses of the agreement are being scrutinized and the ‘findings’ are surfacing.

Interestingly, these so-called ‘anti-Nepal’ findings do not stand on any substantial ground. The conclusions and inferences seem to be based on mere assumptions and deliberate misinterpretations of facts.

It is very much evident that the opponents of MCC had preconceived conclusions in their minds even before they had a look over the document.

They simply were determined from the very beginning to brand United States as an offender and MCC as an aggression tool full of conspiracy.

There is no point in going through the allegations made against the agreement and trying to defend it.

Had there been real confusion it makes sense to explain and clarify the position. These ‘revolutionary and nationalist opinion builder’ opponents of MCC are simply engaged in the fear-mongering job.

They are spreading the notion among the common citizens of the country that implementation of MCC would put their motherland under the total control of the United States of America; the sovereignty of the country would be compromised; and MCC is a grand design of ‘imperialist’ U.S. to encircle Nepal’s good friend and trustworthy neighbor, China.  Ironically, a large section of the Nepalese population seems to be buying this grapevine.

I have no doubts in my mind that the majority of communists and few ‘intellectuals’ in Nepal are the direct operatives of MSS (Ministry of Security Services) of China.  The general population is simply being brainwashed and allured to the charm of communist China.

Many educated Nepalese, in fact, do sincerely believe that the so-called democratic world is ‘capitalist exploiters’ always eager to establish their supremacy over poverty-stricken poor countries.

The sentiments of the people are so tuned that they view the democratic world, especially the USA, as abso

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