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Can I bring extra laptops, phones from abroad?

Please HELP 🙏🙏🙏.Custom recently releasing notice of not allowed to bring extra devices. Are we allowed to bring phone and laptop without the box saying one is office laptop and the other is personal? Has anyone able to get extra devices recently? My sister is visiting Nepal and I was hoping to get some devices from abroad.

r/Nepal by latino001

  1. procipher says

    Pro Tip:

    Keep one laptop, one phone in hand carry. Keep another laptop, another phone in luggage. Carry one phone in your pocket. DONE!

    PS: Make sure to keep your phone/laptop out of the original new package box. Just act like you use two laptops and two phones, each for office and personal usage.

  2. maximuli says

    A fren did not have issues carrying 2 laptops and 4 phones and few smart watches last Oct. Not sure about the rules. No checking at all. His fight landed late at night fwiw.

  3. Ciencek says

    Hey you can add dead bodies in the mix too, there seems to be great demand for them in r/nepal

    Jokes aside I’ve seen people bringing devices without the box frequently so i guess you can too. But hey someone might have more details over this cuz i don’t know the recent changes you mentioned.

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