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Bonus shares or Cash dividends????

Which is better and why?

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  1. dorangee says

    This has already been discussed multiple times in this sub.

    Perhaps the best thread regarding [this](

  2. Dryhumor00 says

    None, Ride the bonus hype and exit out before closing with gains. People are flocking towards right shares and bonus with little understanding like it’s a Daraz offer sale, Best possible outcome i see is to capitalize on people sentiment on this market although it sounds harsh.

  3. DragonflySeed says

    why is cash more preferable than bonus can anyone elaborate?

  4. Timely_Alternative60 says

    Totally agree with you.. In our country the bfi are governed under the NRB so its difficult for them to lrovide cash dividend even if they dont want business expansion..

  5. [deleted] says

    Practically speaking, bonus shares are better because imagine this: Shivm providing 25% bonus shares instead of cash dividend!

    Shivm shares will be taken to the moon.

    Personally, I am no fan of bonus shares or cash dividend but eagerly wait for big bonus shares given the afore-mentioned Ground Reality ;D

  6. Infamous_Magician523 says

    Both dividend sucks…
    As dubai ko price adjustment hunxa and ultimately indirectly hmro share bata paisa kati hami lai ni dinxa ani befaultu ko tax katxa…

    Dividend impact the long term value growth of share price

  7. vicious_explosion says

    btw how many days does it take for bonus share to arrive in dmat account ?

  8. aadarsha2056 says

    Cash dividend is king only problem is over a long term liquidity of stock decreases eg: unl stc bbc bnt,etc to increase retail participation stock split should be practiced.

  9. rexizqt says


  10. Timely_Alternative60 says

    Strong companies gives cash dividend.

  11. Critical-Bad-7952 says

    I prefer cash dividend over bonus shares anytime

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