Banning TikTok is an alarming warning

Banning TikTok is an alarming warning

Tiktok ko ever changing fyp made it very difficult for spreading propaganda through Social Media, For example: Tiktok ma post with the tag balen can include points against balen or points supporting balen. Feed ma pros ra cons authyo ra we ourselves could decide what is wrong or not, information verify garna ni garo hunna thyo. After Tiktok has been banned, most users will return back to facebook which is very alarming cus Facebook is very suspicious for selling monotonous single sided propagandas. RONB ra Balen ko jodi ta euta mass *gaslighting* ko example matra ho, bhitra bhitrei dherei kura can be manipulated. Through tiktok, Neta harko chaal chalan and their questionable/selfish decisions have been shared and heard. Tiktok with its one minute watch was a genuine/quick withdraw from primitive news sources. After TikTok, I’d actually not be surprised if ‘they’ attacked channels like ‘The Nepali Comment’, ‘In depth Story’, ‘Project Kura’, etc. TikTok ban hannu is just a show case for the grown ups to flex their power hammer against the Youths. Banning TikTok and letting the geezers win was a massive blow for us who are waiting for change in politics. TikTok was the one of the best cards we youth had against these power players.

Facebook hard nails popular pages like ‘RONB’ and others on our feed, which makes it really easy for the rich to manipulate what’s heard and what’s not. It’s very easy to bribe a single page, while TikTok can’t disappoint us with it’s ever changing channels and feed. Main handle we lost is the ‘**Reach’**. Through tiktok famous upcoming channels and entrepreneurs like YouTube channels, Youth politicians will have to primitively advertise themselves which will cause a massive roadblock. Many Youth Politicians and quality YouTube channels do not have enough finance to compete with the oligarchs. Let’s try not bringing obvious TikTok cons into this, alikati common sense bhayeko youth don’t do anything that performs ‘sanskriti bikriti’. And yes ‘Sanskriti bikriti’ is the major reason for banning tiktok, which in my opinion is obviously not the case.

We had a way of letting our voices be heard even to the aunties, the uncles, the grandpas, almost the entire nation. And now we’re losing it/lost it. Ani yes realistically bhanda we can’t do a single thing against it except for venting in Reddit. So, yo perspective bata sochda what do u guys think?

TLDR: Banning TikTok makes it difficult to spread info against the rich, news power handle goes back to the old geezers, bidesh jana man lagyo

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