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Apple AirPods remains operational even after being swallowed

Apple AirPods remains operational even after being swallowed

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Apple’s AirPods is on the news again, and this time for remaining operational inside someone’s stomach. A TikTok video went viral this week where a woman shared her experience of swallowing an AirPods. Interestingly, the swallowed Apple AirPods was still recording from inside the stomach.

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Video about the swallowed AirPods

A woman with @iamcarliib username on TikTok mistook her AirPods for her drug. According to her, she had her left AirPods on her left hand when she was about to take the painkiller Ibruprofen 800 with the other hand. However, distracted by the pain, she engulfed the AirPods instead. She made several attempts to get the AirPods removed without much success.

She posted a video on TikTok recalling the incident last Friday. However, it was removed from the platform for some unclear reason. She tried re-posting the video again on Saturday, but it was again taken down

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