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Animal sacrifice in Nepal in the name of religion: Legal and moral perspectives

animal sacrifice

Animal sacrifice in Nepal in the name of religion: Legal and moral perspectives

“The moral progress and strength of a nation can be judged by the care and compassion it shows towards its animals.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Annually, millions of innocent animals meet their dark destiny for the sake of human superstition in the name of religion, which per se is insane. The tradition reflects the cruel and barbaric practice in the name of religion, in which innocent animals have to sacrifice their lives. The same cruel and barbaric tradition is called animal sacrifice (bali pratha), in which the sacrifice of animals is committed to appease a god or deity.

This inhumane tradition in the name of religion should be terminated as it causes immense pain and suffering to innocent animals. Further, it is also against the spirit of the law of Nepal although concrete legislation is yet to be introduced.

The law on animal sacrifice

File: People protesting against the animal sacrifice in the streets of Kathmandu on June 14, 2019.

Besides being a moral evil, from a legal perspective, this is also against the constitutional mandate and spirit. This practice cannot be protected under Article 26(3) of the constitution that guarantees the right to religion. This article restricts any act which is contrary to public health. Animal sacrifice does affect the mental health of the public, children in particular. Indeed, this tradition has a traumatic effect both on the animal and the viewer as well as against the public interest.

Yet, Nepal lacks comprehensive legislation to curb animal sacrifice. Instead, se

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