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Age requirement for reading history, politics and geopolitics?

I many debate regarding history, politics and geopolitics. I see people asking the age whenever it gets heated.

Is there any age requirement for reading history, politics and geopolitics?

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  1. top_10_dohori_songs says

    There is no age requirement. But when you are young you lack experience, you lack various perspective, you lack wider education on the topic, you are mentally not developed yet, hormones are running high in your body. All these factors might cloud your proper judgement and critical thinking capabilities.

    History, politics, religion these topics require open mindedness, nuance, grey thinking, multi dimensional outlook.

    But it doesn’t mean, older people are automatically better in their thinking and decision making. Some people never grow past their teenage years mentally.

  2. ilovetheantichrist says

    >I many debate regarding history, politics and geopolitics. I see people asking the age whenever it gets heated.

    Probably has something to do with not having enough experience in life I think

    otherwise I think anyone can (and should!)read political books if you understand them

  3. dawson_ko_creek says

    Naivety of teenagers and some in their early 20s show when they talk. It is what it is. If there is no hint of naivety they will be called too mature for their age, which is a compliment btw. When people sense naivety, instead of being patient, they usually do not want to “waste” their time. It’s like, master the prerequisites before you attend my advanced mathematics class.

  4. esewakhalti2point0 says

    There is no age requirement. Maybe, you start making really naive and uninformed arguments thats why people ask for your age.

    You see, younger people generally think that they know it all, but in reality that couldn’t be further away from the truth. They may have the book knowledge but they lack real life experience and they generally don’t see things from other people perspective. So, whenever somebody starts making naive and informed arguments, the first thing that comes to mind is maybe this person is very young and this person hasn’t had that real world experience yet.

    That being said, there is no reason why a young person cannot be better than an older person(on the above mentioned topics). Its just that you really have to be on top of your game and not just pretend to know it all.

  5. Practical_Bee3650 says

    There is nothing wrong in ages but experience do matter and most of all how you argue with your points also do matter. When you debate and know the facts sometime we get over excited and also over confident about our opinions and points. Also sometime it matters to our personality as well because we don’t want to lose that easy and that affects the whole conversation which leads to heated consequences. So whenever you debate learn what your opponent is thinking and how he is reacting and find a way to tackle him that might help you

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