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A beautiful cycle of love

Falling in love, falling out of love. I find it very amusing. The variety of emotions that you feel during this whole phase, it’s beautiful

r/Nepal by Hoomankid

  1. LampardSon says

    Falling out of it takes so much time and energy especially when your SO leaves you; makes your miserable and fucked up.

  2. TheHimalayanRebel says

    Falling in love is the best shit. Falling out of love is the shit at its best.

  3. procipher says

    Boro, kun maal taneu aaja?

  4. Hari0mHari says

    Are you alright my dude? Who enjoys falling out?

  5. nomad_in_a_quest says

    I miss falling in love. Damn i miss emotions.

  6. panipuri_bhaiya says

    That feeling that rush when you get really heartbroken.
    And that melancholy that stays and grows bigger and bigger untill you can’t overflows.

  7. hayman905 says

    Falling out is plain shit. Modern dating scene harda ta falling in is pretty pain too tbh.

  8. Boka_Dai says

    Carnal sex is only good thing about love.

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