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7 Hidden Gems of Nepal that Every Tourist Should Explore

7 Hidden Gems of Nepal that Every Tourist Should Explore

The Himalayan nation has more to offer than Mt. Everest

Nepal is one of the few countries which is relatively untouched by the modernity of the 21st century. With pristine mountain ranges gracing the skyline, the Himalayan nation has become the go-to destination for most travelers across the world.

However, most of the travelers are under the misguided impression that Nepal only houses Mount Everest. This article shall dispel that myth as it puts the spotlight on the hidden gems of the nation.

These gems are lands lost in time and are havens of peace. Given their beauty, no tourist can afford to miss these spots when they visit Nepal. Let’s dive into the list of tourist spots where one can soak in the natural beauty of Nepal.

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1) Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is deemed as the ancient forbidden kingdom of Nepal. Given its remoteness, the perception of the region is apt. Reaching Upper Mustang is a challenge. However, touring the forbidden kingdom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The tourists who journey to the region will witness landscapes devoid of the urban humdrum as the tour will be filled with medieval villages. One can soak in the beauty of the snowcaps and wind off at the natural hot springs that you are bound to come across. There is considerable Tibetan influence as monasteries are a common sight.

To tour Upper Mustang, one has to obtain a trekking permit. One would get the best touring experience at Upper Mustang when they visit it in March-May or September-November.

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2) Langtang Valley, Rasuwa

Langtang Valley, Rasuwa

The Langtang valley is 30 Kilometers north of Kathmandu, which is the national capital of Nepal. It is one of the most remote valleys in the country. Although the distance is not much, the duration to reach the valley generally consumes seven to eight hours. However, the tiring journey is worth it as Langtang is one of the most beautiful valleys of Nepal.

Sporting jaw-dropping landscapes, Langtang will impress any nature lover with its natural vegetation. The residents, who appreciate their culture to this day, are known for their warm and welcoming nature. The tourists will be soothed by the beautiful mountains surrounding the valley. F

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