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6 Nepali sustainable fashion brands that an eco-friendly customer should choose

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6 Nepali sustainable fashion brands that an eco-friendly customer should choose

Reportedly, the is responsible for generating 10 cent of the total global carbon emissions. Making the impacts even harsh, than 1.5 trillions litres of water is estimated to be used by the fashion industry annually.

More than 100 billion units of garments are manufactured globally every year. In the world of fashion, where the trends change every day, many garments sooner or later end up in landfills, adding to the .

Considering all these impacts, sustainable fashion, often termed as slow fashion , is thriving globally. It is slowly and steadily garnering attention in Nepal as well. No doubt, sustainable fashion is on-trend ; so is the sustainable fashion industry in Nepal. Many sustainable fashion brands are making their way into Nepal’s fashion industry and arena.

And, here, we bring the list of some of those clothing brands that have embraced the concept of sustainable fashion in Nepal:

1. HattiHatti Nepal

Hattihatti nepali fashion industry
Products of HattiHatti. Photo: HattiHatti Nepal

HattiHatti Nepal is an registered as a social enterprise that upcycles old, unused, and vintage saris into beautiful everyday products such as kimonos, ties, scrunchies, cushions, and many more. In the process, it also educates and trains women from marginalised communities and makes them socially and economically independent.

Started in 2014,

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