4G users in Nepal grew by over 0.5 million in one month

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4G users in Nepal grew by over 0.5 million in one month

According to the latest data from Telecommunication (NTA), the total number of 4G subscribers in Nepal has surpassed 1.91 crores, a 6 lakh+ increase in a . Nepal has three operators providing 4G , namely Nepal (NTC), Ncell, and . Ntc has the largest customer base, followed by Ncell and Cell.

Ntc added 6 lakhs, 47 thousand, and 163 new 4G subscribers in a single month, bringing its total to 1 crore, 21 lakhs, 97 thousand, and 344. Ncell's 4G subscription base slightly increased by 25 thousand, and 293, its total base 68 lakhs, 44 thousand, and 916. Smart Cell, on the other hand, lost 7 thousand, 214 subscribers, leaving it with only 1 lakh, 7 thousand, and 76 on its . It lose its license in the coming weeks, as its payment is approaching.

As newer technologies like 5G emerge, older-generation communication standards such as 3G and 2G are struggling for survival. CDMA is also planned to be phased out this fiscal /80. Nepal is on the brink of getting 5G network reach as Ntc has started a 5G trial in Kathmandu. For now, 4G remains Nepal's best possible network, fulfilling the internet needs of most users.

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