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An epic 30,000-mile solo motorcycle journey through the Indian countryside was undertaken by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in support of the Save Soil campaign back in March

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An epic 30,000-mile solo motorcycle journey through the Indian countryside was undertaken by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in support of the Save Soil campaign back in March

In support of his ‘Save Soil’ campaign, spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev recently completed a 100-day solo bike trip across 27 .

While in New Delhi on Sunday for the Save Soil Movement event, the 64-year-old will travel more than 30,000 miles across Europe and the Middle East, culminating with a stop in ’s capital city.

A BMW K1600 GT bike was Sadhguru’s mode of transportation.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, the car fanatic explained why he decided to bike it across 27 countries instead of driving. Spiritual from 27 countries are working together to highlight the urgent need for coordinated action to save soil as part of a global movement led by the spiritual leader.

“When I was a kid, I lived on a for about four and a half years. For the next 32 years, I never rode a motorcycle or even contemplated doing so. My friends and family believe I am a motorcycle enthusiast, but I haven’t given them the benefit of the doubt in 32 years. Did anyone in the ashram know that I would ever ride a motorcycle? Nobody even considered the possibility.

Sadhguru had previously used motorcycles in his “Rally for Rivers” campaign.

“Someone brought a motorcycle to the Rally for Rivers because in Bangalore and Mysore everyone knows about my motorcycles. At the time, I crisscrossed India. So they brought it over and asked, “Why don’t you ride with us??” For the past 32 years, I haven’t given a second thought to riding a motorcycle. Afterwards, I sat on it and realized I hadn’t lost a day, and so I’ve been riding a motorcycle ever since “he commented.

Regarding COVID-19 , Isha Foundation founder said that riding a motorcycle was the best way to maintain social distance.

I enjoy riding my bike, the 64-year-old man said when asked if he did so “Nothing in my makes me . I can’t help but .”

The spiritual leader went on to explain why biking between cities is preferable to flying: “Do you think anyone would be interested if I drove a car from one city to another? If I went for a walk, I’m afraid I’d end up killing myself. I may die if I ride a bicycle. The motorcycle is on the verge of death, but hasn’t yet succumbed to it. You could die if you do something wrong. There are a lot of dangerous situations in the world.

Sadhguru acknowledged that his journey was fraught with peril. “It’s normal to feel this way after spending so much time on two wheels. If you were riding a motorcycle for 100 days and trying to make it from one event to the next on time, what would you do? You always outrun the other drivers on the road. It’s possible that it will happen if you continue to ride that way. We’ve had no injuries or anything like that up to this point… It’s not a straightforward matter. We wake up in a different country or city every day. More than 500 events in just 76 days.”

When he arrives in Coimbatore on June 21, the day before International Yoga Day, Sadhguru intends to wrap up his current campaign.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev embarked on a 30,000-km lone motorcycle journey in March. (Photo: Twitter@SadhguruJV)

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