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As the fighting continues, NATO issues a dire warning about the potential length of the Ukraine conflict

Ukraine Under Attack

As the fighting continues, NATO issues a dire warning about the potential length of the Ukraine conflict

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Sunday that the conflict in could go on for years, and he urged allies of Ukraine to remain steadfast in their support for the country as Russian forces battle for territory in the east.

Reports in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper cite Secretary of State Jens Stoltenberg as saying that arming Ukrainian forces with cutting-edge weapons would increase the country’s chances of liberating its eastern Donbas region from Russian control.

Because they failed to capture Kiev early in the conflict, Russian forces have turned their attention to the Donbas, which had already been partially controlled by Russian-backed separatists before the Feb. 24 invasion.

“There’s a good chance it’ll take a long time. We must continue to support Ukraine, and we must not stop “According to Stoltenberg,

However, “even if the costs are high, not just for support, but also because of rising and prices.”

During a visit to Kyiv on Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered to train Ukrainian forces, warning of the risk of “Ukraine fatigue” if the conflict continues for too long.

Ukraine must be supplied with weapons, ammunition and training “more quickly than the invader,” Johnson wrote in a Sunday Times op-ed piece.

A visit to the Mykolaiv region, about 550 kilometers (340 miles) south of Kyiv, was reported by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who has been rallying citizens with daily filmed messages.

he said in a posted on Sunday that appeared to have been recorded on a train, “their is assured: they all do not doubt our victory.” “We will not hand over the South to anyone, and we will reclaim everything we have earned.”

According to Zelenskiy, he had heard reports of Russian airstrikes in the Mykolaiv and Odesa regions.

“The damage is substantial. Civilian logistics have been disrupted and a large number of homes have been destroyed “he commented.


Fighting and shelling have been reported in Sievierodonetsk, one of the two provinces that make up the Donbas, as part of Moscow’s offensive to retake full control of the Luhansk region.

“Despite Russian claims to the contrary, they have no control over the town. The town’s core is under their control, but not the entire town “According to Serhiy Gaidai, the governor of Luhansk, evacuations were impossible because of fighting in the city.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had taken control of Metyolkine, a town south of Sievierodonetsk where many Ukrainian fighters had surrendered, according to Russian state news agency TASS. had “partial success” in the area, according to Ukraine’s military.

“Russian forces will likely be able to seize Sievierodontsk in the coming weeks, but at the cost of concentrating most of their available forces in this small area,” wrote analysts at the Institute for the Study of , a Washington-based think tank.

Residential buildings and private homes were destroyed in Sievierodonetsk’s twin city of , Gaidai said. According to the narrator, are dying on the street and in bomb shelters.

Russia’s defense ministry said its Iskander missiles had destroyed Western-supplied weapons in Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, northwest of Luhansk.

A Ukrainian interior ministry official said that Russian forces were trying to approach Kharkiv, which had been bombarded heavily in the first two months of the conflict, and turn it into a “frontline city.”

At a fuel storage depot west of Donbas, Russian missiles killed two people and injured 13, according to the regional administration chief. According to Reuters, footage of thick black smoke rising into the sky was confirmed by the agency.

According to a video posted on Telegram by the mayor of Melitopol from outside the city, Western weapons had helped Ukrainian forces advance 10 kilometers (6 miles) towards Russian-occupied Melitopol to the south.

No independent verification was possible for Reuters on the accounts of soldiers on the battlefield.

A “special military operation” to disarm its neighbor and protect Russian speakers from dangerous nationalists has been announced by Russia. That was dismissed as a pretext for a war of aggression by Kyiv and its allies.

This week’s EU summit is expected to endorse the European Commission’s recommendation that Ukraine be granted candidate status. The process of becoming a full member could take years.


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