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Apple iPhone 14 Leak Expands On It’s Design Shock


Apple iPhone 14 Leak Expands On It’s Design Shock

’s 14 lineup will feel like two distinct generations of . According to a new report, Apple will rebadge components, which could fool users into thinking they have a more advanced than they actually do.

According to a new blog post on iDropNews by industry insider LeaksApplePro, Apple will rebrand 2021 components used in the 14 and iPhone 14 Max with next-generation chip names. He previously stated in March that Apple was considering this.

“The 14 will disappoint some in many ways,” the leaker claims. “For starters, it will resemble the iPhone 13. That’s correct; even if you put those devices next to each other, you wouldn’t notice a difference unless you went into their settings.”

“It’ll have the [2021] A15 processor, although my sources suggest this chip could be renamed the A16.” Meanwhile, the A16 chip used in the 14 Pro and Max models “may be referred to as ‘A16 Pro.'”

If accurate, this is a risky path for Apple to take. Yes, Apple chipsets have long had meaningless names like ‘Fusion’ and ‘Bionic’ (both of which the company has previously admitted are marketing nonsense), but this is different. A-Series chipet numbers have always been assigned to new generations.

Apple may try to avoid this by bringing the ‘Pro-level’ A15 chip used by the 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max to the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. The A15 chip in the current Pro models has 6GB of RAM versus 4GB in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, but neither chip is currently marketed as ‘A15.’

There is one ray of hope. According to the leaker, the 14 and iPhone 14 Max will cost $799 and $899, respectively. The former is comparable to the iPhone 13, while the latter is $200 more than the iPhone 13 Mini, despite fears that it would be higher.

But, once again, the 14 Pro lineup stands out. Pro models will receive an exclusive new design, significant camera upgrades, and Leaks. ApplePro also claims that Apple is thinking about increasing entry-level storage to 256GB.

Having said that, purchasing any 14 model appears to be a gamble. According to multiple credible sources, Apple will switch iPhones from Lightning to USB-C ports in 2023, effectively killing second hand values for all Lightning models.

And, with standard iPhones finally joining the redesign party next year, all but the most devoted Apple fans would be wise to wait and see how this out.


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