2-wheeler sales drop by 70% in Nepal – Golcha Organization

2-wheeler sales drop by 70% in Nepal – Golcha Organization


|2077/78|approx. 3,45,000 units|
|2078/79|approx. 1,92,000 units|
|2079/80|approx. 1,18,000 units|

Bajaj Motorcycle’s Sales Director Abhimanyu Golchha has mentioned that the business of bikes and scooters has declined in Nepal as young riders, who used to prefer two-wheelers for foreign travel, are now opting to study abroad. Golchha stated, “Many students in Nepal go abroad for education, and among them, those who used to purchase two-wheelers, especially scooters, were the highest. However, recently, even those who used to go abroad for higher studies have faced the same situation.”

According to him, more than one and a half million youth have gone abroad for studies annually in Nepal through formal channels. If we consider informal channels as well, the number of youth going abroad is even higher, with no concrete data on those who went through informal means. He added, “Until a few years ago, people used to change motorcycles every 24 to 30 months, but due to the economic downturn, our recent study has shown that people are not buying motorcycles for up to five years now.” Golchha further emphasized, “Cooperatives used to play a significant role in motorcycle sales, but now even cooperatives are struggling.”

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