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10 taste-bud-tantalising treats for Kathmandu’s meat lovers this Dashain

10 taste-bud-tantalising treats for Kathmandu’s meat lovers this Dashain

Dashain is our biggest festival for a lot of reasons. While growing up, Dashain meant two things; spending time with the family and enjoying good food, especially for meat lovers. And as time passes on, things certainly have not changed much. Dashain also implies that you get a holiday for nearly seven days. It is the time of the year when everyone comes together and has a joyous time with their loved ones.

We normally spend Dashain playing cards, drinking and more importantly feasting on meat items old and new. Unlike any other festival, you do not have to fast on Dashain. This 15-day festival is the time when eating is one thing that you normally do.

Here is a list of food items that you should try this Dashain, after all, it is all about eating different types of food and having fun.

1. Choila

meat lovers chhoila in kathmandu newari kitchen

Chhoila is one of the most popular dishes in Nepal. It is a famous dish and is the desired appetiser served together with chiura (beaten rice). Although it is traditionally made with buffalo meat, it can be made using any other type of meat. There are two types of Choila, Mana Choila and Haku Choila, mana meaning ‘boiled’ and haku meaning ‘black’ referred to the meat cooked over fire.

Where: Newari Kitchen

2. Sekuwa

Sekuwa is another sought-after dish during the festive period. Sekuwa is the Nepali way of cooking a barbecue. Sekuwa could be of pork, lamb, goat or chicken, or a mixture of all, a true meat lovers’ dish. Sekuwa is very popular in Nepal, especially in eastern Nepal and Kathmandu. There are many hotels and restaurants that serve this cuisine while there are others which specialise in one.

Where: Roots E

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